HF Propagation

The Windows 8 / 10  App “HF Propagation” displays solar-terrestrial data for radio waves propagation on short wave and VHF. The shown data is provided by the N0NBH Web-Service.

Screenshot of HF Propagation App

You can install the app directly from the Windows Store. You have 14 days for trying out  the fully functional HF propagation app until you have to decide whether you would like to buy it.

System requirements

The HF propagation app runs on Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT. For Windows 7 or Windows XP systems I have created a desktop version which you can use for free, please use the link to the file below. Further distribution of the desktop program is not allowed, but you can share a link to this page.

Privacy Policy

An internet connection is required for retrieving the solar-terrestrial data from the N0NBH web-service. The app “HF propagation” does not collect data or transmit any user’s personal information or other data except the information that is included in the HTTP requests like the IP-Address.


Desktop program for Windows 7 and Windows XP, please do not distribute any further: propagation- (17.68 mb)