APRS Tracking App

App for APRS tracking: This Windows Phone app is a client for the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS). It can be installed directly from the Windows Phone Store and may be used for free of charge. Here is the link to the app within the store.

Feature Overview

  • APRS live tracking with user defined commend and selected symbol
  • Background operation
  • Periodic or user triggered transmission of APRS beacons
  • Easy configuration of APRS-IS access
  • Select between automatic position reporting and manual only transmission of your position.

The first version implements only live-tracking of the user’s geolocation. For subsequent versions more features will come like APRS messaging, listing nearby APRS stations, provide a map view and others.

The APRS app retrieves the geo location from the phone’s location service. In compliance with the Windows Store rules the user needs to opt-in before this functionality is enabled. The access to the phone’s location service can be granted in the app’s settings page for the location service. In order to get access to the APRS Internet Service (APRS-IS) one need to enter a passcode. When you have a valid HAM radio license you can request the passcode using the contact form on this blog. If you have already a passcode from any APRS-IS system it will also work with this app.

The APRS Internet Service provides public access to all collected APRS data. You can look at the data using an internet browser to visit websites like aprs.fi,  openaprs.net or db0anf.de.


Where can get the passcode? You can get the passcode online from APRS Callpass and Magicbug APRS Passcode Generator. Or you can also reuse the passcode that you have already got for another ARPS-IS client. Otherwise please contact me using the blog’s contact form and request the passcode for the app by providing me with your call sign.

How can I run the app in the Background? Simply start the app and press your phone’s Windows button. The app will continue to run. By holding the back key you can return.

I really would like to have support for … Can you implement it? Please contact me using the blog’s contact form and provide me your feature request. I will consider it and hopefully put it into the development roadmap or tell you why I would rather not implement it. Currently I plan to release a new version about every 6-12 weeks.

Will you support a Sound modem? Probably not, I think the development effort is too high for that – but I could change my mind it if sombody would provide me with the source code for a sound modem running on Windows Phone 😉

System requirements

The app APRS for Windows Phone runs on Windows Phones with Windows Phone 8.x operating system. It requires a GPS sensor and access to the Internet.

Privacy Policy

An internet connection is used for submitting APRS beacon information to the APRS Internet Service. The app APRS for Windows Phone does not collect data or transmit any other information to the internet except the following data that is uploaded to the selected APRS-IS server:

  • HAM Radio Callsign
  • APRS-IS credential information
  • Geographical Position
  • Comment text as entered by the user
  • Code for a choosen APRS symbol
  • Altitude, Course and Speed starting withfrom Version 1.1.0

Version History

Versions of the app that have been published or are currently in the publishing process

  • Version
    Bugfix only update, resolves issue with background operation
  • Version
    First published version
  • Version
    First feature update with improved the tracking functionality by introducing adaptive beaconing and by adding altitude, course and speed information. In addition support for Citizen Band APRS and manually configured APRS-IS Servers has been added as well as some additional symbols which have been requested by users.
  • Version
    Fixed some symbol colors, added support for manual only APRS tracking. Bugfix for speed information.
  • Version
    bugfix for manual APRS tracking. Removed dynamic advertisings and replaced it by a static link to my blog www.radio.cc


Please note that any further development of this app has been discontinued.  Here are some ideas that I had in the past. The roadmap has been revised last time on the 27th of December 2016:

  • Version
    Bugfix for beacon counter.
  • Version 1.3.0
    Add support for sound modem and Bluetooth in order to enable APRS tracking without internet connection but over radio.
  • Version 1.4.0
    Second feature introducing APRS monitoring. This will require some major work on APRS data parsing. The idea is to provide a list of nearby APRS stations as well as a map bearing these stations and the app user’s location
  • Version 1.5.0
    Third feature update introducing APRS messaging

Adding support for Twitter or other social media could also be interesting. But please keep in mind this is a hobby project and I might have other priorities than working on the app.